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“Eat, drink and be scary.” — Author Unknown
November 1, 2009, 2:10 pm
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So last night, as you well know, was Halloween.  I used to say that Halloween was my favorite holiday, but then I realized that my kind of Halloween is kind of different then most people’s traditional Halloween nights.  But anyway, I still love Halloween and I had fun.  I finally have some pictures to post, one good and one bad.  Let’s start with the bad and move on from there, eh?

After spending lots of time wracking our brains and scouring the grocery store (no, we couldn’t make it to Whole Foods, and yes, I’m sure that would have sped up the process), my mum and I finally decided to give out 100 Grand bars as treats.  (We also got some little bags of smartfood popcorn for the kids we know).  This was a really tough decision.  I don’t know how much most people consider when buying Halloween candy, but it’s really an awful tradition.  We thought a lot about nutrition vs. price, but it’s tough.  (This sounds way less interesting as I write it out, but it was actually kind of a fun challenge at the time…really!)  I poked around online and saw that, according to “Eat This Not That!,” 100 Grand bars are the best of the worst (a.k.a the “healthiest” of little candy bars), so that’s what we bought.  We wanted to considered the environmental impact of the packaging, too, but basically everything was awful in that regard, and people don’t trust homemade, home-wrapped treats, so we really didn’t have much of a choice.

So, we were left with this lovely display of packaging from 40 mini-candy bars and 12 little bags of smartfood popcorn, not even counting all the individual wrappers on each piece.

Ridiculous amounts of trash. Lovely…

However, I promised you a nice picture too, and so I present to you a picture of the delicious munchies my mum and I made for ourselves:

There’s a spicy/sweet trail mix with pumpkin seeds and craisins, a yummy poblano-cucumber salsa, and a salad with roasted grapes (strangest thing ever to go in our oven- a tray of grapes and shallots) and shallot dressing. Oh, and (not pictured) a mocha pudding with pumpkin whipped cream. All recipes were from the October 2008 issue of Vegetarian Times. It was a good night.

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